Sebastian Maxwell

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Sebastian Maxwell is a dynamic and highly regarded real estate agent specialising in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Sebastian provides his clients with a highly personalised boutique service. Driven and committed to achieving outstanding results on behalf of his clients. Sebastian is passionate about selling real estate. These qualities set him apart from his competitors.

Born and raised in Paddington, and attending local schools throughout his education Sebastian has developed an intimate understanding and detailed knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs and the wonderful people who live, work, create, raise families and retire within his community.

Sebastian’s astute knowledge of the ever-changing property market and his formidable negotiating skills are most impressive and form a valuable part of his overall professionalism which he uses to his clients’ great benefit.  

Apart from being a fully licensed real estate agent Sebastian has a degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

Sebastian is respectful and courteous to his clients, potential purchasers and all stakeholders in the property market.

The Eastern Suburbs property market is always on the move. So too is the technology required to successfully market and sell real estate. Homes need to be actively promoted through a variety of digital platforms both mainstream and off market.  Sebastian engages all multi-media digital marketing platforms and has created his own highly regarded and popular Instagram at Eastern Suburbs Real Estate.

Sebastian will deliver you a truly exceptional result in selling your home.  

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